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Charles B. Stuart texas mesquite fireplace mantel and corbel
Texas Mesquite Fireplace Mantel
Looking for a Fireplace Mantel to complete the look of your fireplace?
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Fireplace mantels can be made in many ways, using mesquite, cedar, oak, pine, mahogany and a host of other materials. The mantel corbels can be made from wood also, or metal, like wrought or cast iron. Charles Stuart puts quite a bit of time into his fireplace mantels and corbels. The mesquite mantel is carefully shaped, and matched with mesquite corbels, one corbel per side. He could make a cedar mantel (sometimes spelled mantle). A mesquite mantel gives a rustic look to a fireplace, whether its made of stone, brick, river rock or stucco. A wood mantel adds a beautiful touch. A fireplace just is not complete without a mantel or mantle made from mesquite (or oak, cedar, pine, or rough, rustic timber). When Charles Stuart makes a mesquite mantel or mantle, they can be attached to a fireplace with or without corbels. Mesquite mantels can be bolted to the masonry above the fireplace, or inset into the stonework of the nice, beautiful fireplace. Mesquite wood has a beautiful grain, similar in some ways to the grain of cedar, not as fine as oak grain. Charles Stuart makes other furniture from mesquite, and likes the color that mesquite produces, making an ideal mantle ( mantel ) with a matching set of corbels. Architects using southwestern design or looking for the rustic appeal would really like a mesquite mantel. A mantel of this quality would really add a certain architectural flair. Any architect can order a custom mesquite mantel from Charles Stuart. Oak and cedar mantles (or mantels) are great, but mesquite is the best wood for a mantle. The density gives mesquite wood a unique grain. Charles Stuart can ship your custom mesquite (mesquit, meskeet, miskeet) anywhere in the USA. Nothing says unique, rustic southwest like a beautiful mesquite mantel over your stone fireplace.

If you need the perfect mantel for that hunting lodge, or a unique touch in your grand living area, Charles Stuart can create a mesquite mantel that is truly a work of art. Hand rubbed mesquite is beautiful, whether its for a mantel or a custom chair or table. A mesquite coffee table that matches your mesquite mantel would be awesome. A matching pair of corbels would set the rustic southwest mood. A mesquite handrail or coffee table next to the couch in front of the brick fireplace would definitely go well with a rustic mesquite mantel. Remember when you are designing or building a new home, plan to include a custom mesquite mantel.

Some folks like to display their heirlooms sitting on a mesquite mantel. If an architect had an appreciation for bronze sculptures, or wrought iron, a mesquite mantel would certainly do the job. Cedar or oak might be okay, but mesquite is beautiful when worked into a proper mantle or mantel.

If you live in the Texas Hill Country where mesquite is common, or from New York or Colorado, Montana or Wyoming, Kansas or the Great Plains, North or South Dakota, even Idaho, a mesquite mantel would be the talk of the town. If you lived in California, Nevada, Washington or Oregon, your friends would be envious of your mesquite mantel, mounted above a wonderful stone fireplace. Arizona, New Mexico, Utah or Oklahoma -- mesquite mantels go well with almost any decor. Architects from Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana or the Northwest can appreciate the fine quality crafted mesquite mantels by Charles B. Stuart. Interior decorators from Maine, New England, Delaware, Rhode Island or Maryland could show their clients the quality of mesquite furniture. Residents of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South or North Carolina, Georgia and Florida can sit in front of their rustic fireplace and admire the beauty of a mesquite mantel, hand made and crafted by Charles B. Stuart Texas Mesquite Fireplace Mantels and Corbels. Florida is not too far south to appreciate a mesquite log mantel; neither is Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Virginia or Texas. Anyone from any state can appreciate a fine quality mesquite mantel. And Charles B. Stuart is the guy to see.

Beautiful Mesquite Wood Mantel Showing Fine Grain






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