It's your dream home.

You've planned each room -- the look, the feel.
Especially the living area.
You've thought about it, lived it, and dreamed it,
for some time now.
So why settle for a fireplace mantel
that is less than a work of art?

Charles B. Stuart can provide you
with a custom crafted Texas mesquite fireplace mantel
that will exceed your expectations.

Mesquite Fireplace Mantels & Corbels
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Enter the Mesquite Mantel Work Area
Rough mesquite logs make the beginning of a mesquite fireplace mantel.

When the logs arrive at the sawmill, the final decision must be made as to what type of fireplace mantel the log is best suited for. Log size, best facial features, special features (roots, burls, centered limbs, etc) and customer needs all play a part in how each log is cut. After the logs are milled they are brought back to the shop to be dried.


The process begins in Texas, where Charles hand selects a mesquite log, looking for quality and balance. The log is chosen from ranches in the Texas mesquite country -- those out-of-the way areas where not many folks travel or work the land. One has to look long and hard to find large mesquite trees that will actually make a fireplace mantel.

Once promising trees are found, they are inspected for any damage that would render them worthless. If they pass inspection the trees are cut and loaded on a trailer bound for the sawmill or storage. Almost all of the trees selected are used either for fireplace mantels or furniture. Otherwise, they become firewood.

The natural face of the mesquite log will show the unique qualities of the grain.

It is not unusual for customers to build their fireplaces around a mantel to get the desired look of stone texture and wood just right. Every detail from how the mantel will be mounted to size and function is coordinated with the customer, the builder and the architect.

If a mesquite fireplace mantel is in your future, Charles Stuart will be glad to discuss your needs.

Working the mesquite mantel

The bark is stripped from the log, and the needed surfaces are planed. The mantel is then sanded and shaped. When the perfect look is reached, the mantel is finally finish-coated.

The mantels are designed for a rich and rustic look - the look of a natural face mantel showing all the beautiful colors of mesquite wood. The wood is reddish brown with striking yellow accents, mineral streaks, worm holes, voids in the wood and swirling wood grain. There is so much to look at all you can say is WOW!

Finishing the mesquite fireplace mantel